Brief Product Concept Test Survey Template

Brief Product Concept Test

This survey is a new product concept that is described as follows:

Below are a list of features that are part of the product. How important is each feature to you?
Not At All Important
2 3 4 5
Extremely Important
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 3
Feature 4
Whether or not you know about [Product], how favorable is your overall reaction?
Very good
What is it that you like most about [Product]? Please enter as many items as you wish.
What do you like least about [Product]?
Based on the product description, how interested would you be in buying this new [Product] if it were within your budget? Please check one.
Not at all interested
Not very interested
Not sure
Somewhat interested
Extremely interested
About what would you expect to pay for a new [Product]?
How often do you use [Product Category]?
Once a week or more often
2-3 times a month
Once a month
Every 2-3 months
2-3 times a year
Once a year or less
Do not use
Thank you for your feedback.

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