Dine-In Restaurant Survey Template

From a national chain of Italian restaurants. Asks about the lobby, table area, server, the food, and willingness to recommend.

As our customer, your opinions are very valuable to us. Please take a few minutes and answer the following questions. Thank you.
How often do you dine with us ?
Once in three months
First time
The Server
Yes No N/A
Was the server attentive and available when you needed him/her?
Was your server knowledgeable and able to answer your
questions about the food and beverages?
The Food
Excellent Good Average Below average Poor
How would you rate the taste of your meal?
How was the temperature of the food?
Please rate your visit on value for the money.
Please rate the following regarding the ambiance of
our restaurant.
Excellent Good Average Below average Poor
Email Address (Optional)

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