Evaluation of Market Potential Survey Template

Software product evaluation, current uses, demographics.

Where do you live?
North Western United States
South Western United States
Mid Western United States
New England United States
Southern United States
South Eastern United States
Would you use an online [PRODUCT]?
Other (Please Specify)
What's the range of your portfolio size?
Less than USD 1K
Between USD 2-5K
Between USD 6-20K
Between USD 21-100K
Between USD 101-999K
More than USD 1M
What would you pay for an online [PRODUCT]?
Would not use one
Less than USD 20/month
Between USD 21-30/month
Between USD 31-60/month
Between USD 61-100/month
More than USD 100/month
Other (Please Specify)
What's your education level?
High School
Bachelor’s degree
Masters degree

Hardware / Software Surveys

Hardware Product Evaluation Survey Template

19 questions

Hardware use, attribute importance and evaluation.

Hardware / Software Surveys

Software Evaluation Survey Template

12 questions

12 item software implementation and use evaluation.

Hardware / Software Surveys

Pre-Installation Survey Template

20 questions

Pre installation survey for hardware/ network/ router type of product.