Minority Teacher Career Choice Survey Template

Motivation, experiences, objectives and values of ethnic and cultural minorities selecting teaching as a career.

Please respond to the following questions based on community involvement during your college education.


True - reflective of my experience

False - not reflective of my experience

True False Not sure
I lived in proximity of my ethnic community
I participated in my ethnic community cultural events
I participated in my ethnic community's social and educational events
I participated in my ethnic community's religious activities
I assisted heritage languages programs in my community
I enrolled in heritage language/cultural classes in my community
I am comfortable communicating with adults and elders in my community in my heritage language
I participated in my ethnic community's political events
I am well aware of my ethnic community's issues and concerns
I participate in activities addressing issues and concerns of my ethnic community
Please respond to these questions based on your past or current experience with the recruitment and admission process.
True False Not sure
I was recruited to enter the teaching profession because I am a person of language and cultural minority
I was encouraged to apply into the teaching credential program because of my ethnic and language background
I was informed that my ethnic and language background was of value in the teaching profession
I was told that there was a need for teachers of diverse cultural and language backgrounds
More of my friends would have joined the profession if they were informed of the need for teachers who are bilingual/bicultural
I was assisted adequately through the admission process
I was able to complete all the prerequisites without any problems
Being admitted into the credential program was a not a complicated process
Passing the CBEST was not a problem
Meeting the GPA requirement was not an issue
I think the admission criteria was fair and just
I did not/will not have problems passing other standardized tests
I was offered adequate financial aides to help me complete the program
More minority candidates would have joined the profession if there were more financial aides available.
I am a

Teacher candidate
True False Not sure
I have had professors who shared my cultural/ethnic background
I have had professors who really knew me and accepted me
I identify with other classmates in terms of shared experiences
I have had opportunities to discuss and share our learning (progress and challenges) with other classmates on an on-going basis
I have/had a sense of true friendship and camaraderie with my peers
I have/had opportunities to discuss issues relating to our cultural and ethnic backgrounds and experiences with my peer group
I feel that I have a voice in my classes and that my perspectives and opinions are welcomed
I feel supported in expressing my opinions and perspectives
I was encouraged to share my personal experiences and cultural backgrounds
There are several faculty of color in my credential program
There are some faculty members who share my ethnic background
I have/had opportunities to do fieldwork with students of my cultural and ethnic backgrounds
I have/had opportunities to use my cultural and language background in my coursework
I have/had opportunities to use my cultural and language background in my fieldwork
I rarely felt excluded or isolated from my peers or the program
True False Not sure
The content of the coursework was empowering to me
The method courses are/were relevant and prepared me well for the real classrooms
Many of my teacher preparation courses integrated histories, experiences and perspectives of minority students, parents and communities.
Multicultural education in my program goes/went beyond learning about special characteristics of different groups.
Our program's faculty represents racially and culturally diverse voices, experiences and perspectives
Our program's teacher candidates include members with racially and culturally diverse voices, experiences and perspectives
Students from different cultural and language backgrounds were perceived as potential resources
The program provides opportunities for my families to be involved in my teacher education process
The program provides opportunities for me to improve my primary language and knowledge of my heritage culture.
Reflect on your school years. Think of your favorite teacher or class. Which of the following attributes about the teacher/class did you most like:

My teacher was knowledgeable
The learning was fun
I learned a lot
I had good friends
I earned high grades
I identified with this teacher

Think of a class (K-12) in which you had negative feelings. Check up to 6 items that contributed to these feelings:

It was boring
It was difficult
I felt disconnected to the learning
The teacher did not care
I was a nobody/ignored
No one knew about my background or experiences
I was identified/labeled negatively
No one liked me or cared about me
I was not good on this subject
There were struggles and issues at home
I could not share my thoughts or opinion
I did not understand the materials
No one was interested in my or my thoughts and opinions

At what age did you first realize that you want to become a teacher?

Who or what do you think were your primary forces of influence on your decision to become a teacher?(Select up to 6 items that apply the most)

I love schools
I had great teachers
Someone in my family was a teacher
I always know I will be a teacher
I enjoy working with children
I experienced helping others learn
I have the gift
I have something special to contribute
My family encouraged me
My teacher(s) influenced me
My friends encouraged me
I thought it might be interesting
I did well in school
I love to read and write
The career counselor recommended
I saw ads about teaching profession
I was told that my cultural and language background were valuable assets
I had no clear career goal
I thought I will try it for a while
I identified strongly with one teacher
I have no idea!

Was there someone in your family who is/was a teacher? If applicable, please identify the person's relation to you.
What came to your mind as you thought of becoming a teacher? (choose up to 3 that are most applicable)

Helping others
Working and helping children
Empathizing with students
Helping to bridge a cultural gap
Making a difference
Making my family proud
Doing something meaningful

What was the reaction of people around you when you made your final decision to become a teacher?

My parents/family were proud
My parents/family were indifferent
My family thought it was too difficult, too "farfetched"
My family believed I could make it
My friends were supportive
My friends tried to talk me out of it
No one had any particular or strong response

In your culture, how is the teacher perceived and defined?

Highly respected
Has parental authority
Enjoy high social status
Looked up as role model
Same as other profession
I entered the teaching credential program as a:

Full-time working adult in another field
While being in the credential program, I was/am:

Working full-time
Working part-time
Not working
On scholarship
On loan
Supported by family
Supporting my family
Taking 9+ semester units per term
Taking less than less than 9 units/term

Of all the teacher education related courses that you have completed, the one that was most memorable to you was(course title/description):
The classes that you personally found most valuable and memorable are the ones in which you:
Learned new methods and strategies
Acquired new knowledge and skills
Learned how to teach
Learn how children learn
Learned how to relate to others
Learned a lot about myself
Learned about culture and history
Improved my knowledge of culture and language
Learned about cultural and historical backgrounds
Learned about classroom management
Learned about I learn how to communicate to students' parents
Learned how to communicate to students' parents

The most meaningful classes are often offered through the department of:
Teacher education
Liberal studies
Ethnic studies
Foreign language
Educational psychology

In general, my experience in the teacher preparation courses are: (choose up to 3 responses that most applicable)

Relevant - I acquired knowledge and skills to prepare me for the teaching profession
Exciting - I was inspired to find creative ways to work with children
Validating - I was encouraged to value my background and experiences as a bicultural and/or bilingual person
Empowering - I had meaningful interactions with instructors and peers where my voice and perspectives were heard and acknowledged
Non-relevant - I felt that much of what I was learning did not prepare me well for the teaching profession
Methodic - I was taught processes and procedures to follow
Invalidating - My perspective and opinion were not understood or accepted by others

How often have issues of race and culture become central focus in your teacher education courses (reading, discussion, debate, etc.)?

Often time
All the time
How often have the issues of social and educational equity and justice become the central focus of your teacher education courses?

Often time
All the times
Whenever issues of race and culture came up, I felt that I:

Can discuss freely
Was invited to share my personal experiences
Was encouraged to speak up
Was looked at as "expert"
Was expected to "know" everything about my culture and traditions
As a person of ethnic and/or linguistic minority, did you feel your background and experiences were:
Not a factor in the teacher preparation program
Not acknowledged or validated
Reflected in the class discussion, texts, other curricular materials
Acknowledged/validated through the program curriculum and practice
As a person of ethnic and/or linguistic minority in the program, did you feel that you:
Have something of value to share with my classmates
Have special qualities and unique experiences that will make me a more effective teacher
Can readily empathize with students of color
Are no different than my peers
Are less able than my peers
As a person of ethnic and/or linguistic minority in the program, you:

Had opportunities to research and learn more about my own perspective and those of others
Had opportunities to come into meaningful contact with other educators of my shared backgrounds
Had opportunities to learn about the cultural and historical backgrounds of my people and others
Had no or little opportunities to come into meaningful contact with other educators of my shared backgrounds
Had little opportunities to learn about the cultural and historical backgrounds of my people and others
Throughout the teacher preparation program:

I had plenty of opportunities to prepare me to work with students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds
Only a few courses had/have the emphasis or integration of minority education instruction and strategies
I was able to integrate my learning with practical experiences working with minority students
I was encouraged to design learning activities to meet the needs of minority students

Upon graduating from the teacher education program, I am/was looking forward to having a teaching position in schools with

Students who are fluent and proficient in English
A diverse student population (ethnically, culturally, and linguistically)
Students who share my language and cultural background
Students who need extra help in English
Students whom I can personally relate to
Students whose parents I can communicate with
Students from my cultural and ethnic community
Survey items developed by KimOanh for a survey of Southeast Asian American teachers and teacher candidates.

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