Post High School Senior Survey Template

Overall student sentiment during their time at high school.


You are invited to participate in our Post High School Senior Survey.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to get your feedback regarding the overall experience you had during our education program. The completion will take approximately 15 minutes.

Please, take some time to reflect on each question addressed and try to be as sincere as possible. Your answers will remain confidential and they will be only used in finding ways to improve the academic experience of our students in the future. 

You can start with the survey by clicking on the Continue button below.

Thank you for your cooperation!
* The name of your High School:
* Which category represents most of your high school classes?
College preparatory
* Your gender is:
Other / I prefer not to respond
* Your grades average is:
A+, A, or A-
B+, B, or B-
C+, C, or C-
D+, D, or D-
F or Incomplete
Looking back, how satisfied were you with the following:
Very Dissatisfied Not Satisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied N/A
* Teaching style and curriculum
* Teachers - students relationship
* Equipment and educational resources (e.g., library, communication technology)
* School and career counseling
* Students government
* High school social life
* Food services
* Sports facilities
* Availability of public transportation and parking
* Safety and security services
Please share any comments about your level of satisfaction with the elements above. (Optional)
* When did you first received orientation about career and college education?
Sixth grade or earlier
Seventh grade
Eighth grade
Ninth grade
Tenth grade
Eleventh grade
Twelfth grade
I did not receive orientation
* Who did orient you about career and college education?
Family members
School counselor
Other types of education and career counselor
High school teachers
Other teachers

* What is the highest level of education you plan to complete?
High school diploma only
A professional training shorter than 2 years
Associate’s degree - 2 years
Bachelor’s degree or more - 4 years
Master’s or Professional graduate degree
Doctorate degree
* Do you plan to go to school this fall
Don't know yet
If you've already decided which school you want to go to, please indicate below the name of the institution and the study program you are most likely to attend. (Optional)

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