Retail Shopping and Search Behavior Survey Template

Home electronics: family shopping habits, items purchased, purchase process.

Approximately how many times did you shop for electronic products in the past year?
Please indicate the approximate total amount of electronics products purchases made by your family within the last year.
Less than $300
$300 - $499
$500 - $799
$800 - $999
$1,000 - $2,499
$2,500 - $4,999
More than $5,000
During the past year, have you or a member of your family purchased a major home electronic product?
If yes, what item was purchased? (Check all that apply.)
TV (priced more than $800)
TV (priced between $400 and $799)
TV (priced less than $400)
Video Recorder
Home Computer

How much did you pay for the item(s)?
If you purchased accessories, how much did you pay for these items?
During your deliberations about the product:

How many phone calls were made to retailers while making this decision?
How many visits did you make to all retailers?
The total number of hours spent inside retail stores while making this decision was approximately:
How many brands or individual models were examined in the different retail stores?
The item was purchased:
as a gift for someone not in your household.
as a gift for someone in your household.
to be used mostly by other members of your household.
to be used mostly by yourself.
How many times have you purchased items in this product category in the past 10 years?
more than 6 times
Which of the following have you purchased within the last year? (Check all that apply)
audio/car stereo/radio/cassette
video game


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