Student Course Evaluation (Teacher Evaluation)

Evaluation of course with student information and expectations.

To the students of this class: Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to this questionnaire. Please give your most candid and thorough response to the questions below. Rest assured that the information you share here is confidential.

The survey is divided into three sections: -

  1. About the student

  2. Evaluation of the course

  3. Evaluation of the instructor

Please try to complete and send the course evaluation by [DEADLINE].
I. Yourself as a Student
Status of this class in your program
Free elective
Other degree requirement
Class Year
Part-time matriculated
Rate the amount of work you did
Almost none
What was assigned
More than just what was assigned
Rate the level of your involvement in the activities of this course.
Very uninvolved
Somewhat involved
Enthusiastically involved
How much practical knowledge have you gained from this course?
A great deal
Some practical knowledge
II. General Evaluation of the Course

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The course objectives were clear
The course procedures and assignments support course objectives
The amount of reading you were asked to do was appropriate
The amount of writing or other class work you were asked to do was enough
What overall rating would you give the course?
Very Poor
What are the major strengths of this course?
What are the major weaknesses of this course?
III. General Evaluation of the Instructor
Never Sometimes Usually Most of the time Always
Could you get clear answers to your questions from the instructor?
Was the instructor considerate to you?
Was the instructor effective in teaching in the course?
Was the instructor enthusiastic about the course?
What overall rating would you give the instructor?
Very poor
What would you recommend to improve the instructor's performance?

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