18 Student Stress Survey Questions for Questionnaire + Template

Student Stress Survey Questions is a sample questionnaire template that comprises of questions and examples to understand higher education experience, to cope up with stress and the entire experience a student has during their high school. This sample survey template asks questions to gather feedback on increasing stress level in high schools and measures taken to cope with stress effectively. This questionnaire has 18 well-defined questions to gain meaningful insight with respect to the subject matter.


You are invited to participate in our Student Stress Survey. We know that higher education experience can be truly stressful sometimes and we want to find out ways to support our students to cope with that more efficiently. Therefore, the purpose of this questionnaire is to get your feedback on the stress you've experienced during this academic year and the ways you've handled that. The completion will take approximately 20 minutes.

Please, take some moments to reflect on each question addressed and try to be as sincere as possible. Your answers will remain confidential and they will be only used in finding ways to improve the academic experience of our students in the future. 

You can start with the survey by clicking on the Continue button below.

Thank you for your cooperation!
* The name of your institution:
* The name of your program of study:
* Your current class level is:
Freshman (Undergrad)
Sophomore (Undergrad)
Junior (Undergrad)
Senior (Undergrad)
Graduate student
* Your gender is:
Other / I prefer not to respond
* Your year of birth is (e.g.., 1996):

How stressed do you feel on a daily basis during the academic year?

Not Stressed at AllMost Stressed
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
* Stress level

What are the usual causes of stress in your life? (Select all that apply)

Studies issues
Financial issues
Family issues
Friends issues
Issues with the significant other (partner)
Work (job-related) issues
Health Related Issues
Sports / Athletics activities issues
My involvement in clubs and organizations

* How do you usually experience stress (in the situations selected from the list above)? Please, describe in few words the physical sensations and the feelings you encounter when you call yourself as feeling stressed.
* What are the usual BEHAVIORAL effects of stress you've noticed at yourself? (Select all that apply)
Change in activity levels
Decreased efficiency and effectiveness
Difficulty communicating
Increased sense of humor/gallows humor
Irritability, outbursts of anger, frequent arguments
Inability to rest, relax or let down
Change in eating habits
Change in sleep patterns
Change in activity performance
Periods of crying
Increased use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sugar or caffeine
Hyper-vigilance about safety or the surrounding environment
Avoidance of activities or places that trigger memories
Accident prone

* What are the usual PSYCHOLOGICAL or EMOTIONAL effects of stress you've noticed at yourself? (Select all that apply)
Feeling heroic, euphoric or invulnerable
Anxlety or fear
Worry about safety of self or others
Irritability or anger
Sadness, moodiness, grief or depression
Vivid or distressing dreams
Guilt or "survivor guilt"
Feeling overwhelmed, helpless or hopeless
Feeling isolated, lost, lonely or abandoned
Over-identification with survivors
Feeling misunderstood or unappreciated
None of the Above

* What are the usual PHYSICAL  effects of stress you've noticed at yourself? (Select all that apply)
Increased heart rate and respirations
Increased blood pressure
Upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea
Increased or decreased appetite which may be accompanied by weight loss or gain
Sweating or chills
Tremors or muscle twitching
Muffled hearing
Tunnel vision
Feeling uncoordinated
Sore or aching muscles
Light sensitive vision
Lower back pain
Feeling a "lump in the throat"
Easily startled
Fatigue that does not improve with sleep
Menstrual cycle changes
Change In sexual desire or response
Decreased resistance to colds, flu, infections
Flare up of allergies, asthma, or arthritis
None of the Above
Hair loss

* What are the usual COGNITIVE  effects of stress you've noticed at yourself? (Select all that apply)
Memory problems/forgetfulness
Slowness in thinking, analyzing, or comprehending
Difficulty calculating, setting priorities or making decisions
Difficulty Concentrating
Limited attention span
Loss of objectivity
Inability to stop thinking about the disaster or an incident
None of the Above

* What are the usual SOCIAL  effects of stress you've noticed at yourself? (Select all that apply)
Withdrawing or isolating from people
Difficulty listening
Difficulty sharing ideas
Difficulty engaging in mutual problem solving
Intolerance of group process
Difficulty in giving or accepting support or help
Impatient with or disrespectful to others
None of the Above


What are your personal methods to relieve stress? (Select all that apply)

Sports / Exercise
Talking with someone
Computer Games
Social Media
None of the Above

How able do you feel to handle stress when you are experiencing it?
Not Able at AllVery Able
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
* Coping skills level
* What are the most pressing stress factors in your current academic context (related to this program of study)? Select all that apply.
Study workload
Financial pressure (e.g. tuition, living costs)
Work (and Study) - Life balance
Relationship with (some) faculty members
Relationship with other students
Campus social life

* What is something that our university could do to help lower your stress?

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