Free Training Surveys: Questions & Template

List of Training Survey Templates

Training Surveys

Free academic training surveys consisting of ready made templates and questions. All our academic training surveys are created by experts who understand the importance of academic training evaluation as per of a regular curriculum. These surveys consist of seminar feedbacks, academic event evaluation and leadership role surveys. You can use these templates as survey examples or sample surveys if you intend to create your own questionnaire. Else, simply pick a survey template and start using it directly. Get started.

Training Surveys

Seminar Feedback and Attendee Information Survey Template

22 questions

Seminar Feedback and Attendee Information Survey Template by QuestionPro comprises of questions and examples to collect feedback on a seminar held. This sample survey template has a mix of demographic and feedback questions. This questionnaire can be deployed to participants after completion of a seminar to collect their opinion on various attributes related to a seminar. A researcher can also know the motivation of participants for attending a seminar. Questions related to seminar location, traveling convenience, topics covered etc. are available in this survey.

Training Surveys

Meeting/Event Evaluation

10 questions

Short 10 item event/meeting success evaluation.

Training Surveys

DE Leader Roles Survey Template

75 questions

DE Leader Roles Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to invite to participants in a research study of competencies needed by people who lead distance education (DE) in both industry and education. The study will provide DE leaders and their employers with information concerning the skills and knowledge needed by those charged with leading DE. This sample survey template consists of an elaborate 75 questions that will help collect meaningful insight from participants experienced in the field of distance education. This questionnaire can be customized based on the needs of a researcher.