Travel Survey Template

Trip purpose and service problem identification.

Dear Passenger:

We are pleased you have chosen to travel with us. In order to provide you with the best possible travel experience, we would like to know a little more about you and why you are traveling. You can help us by taking a few moments to complete this questionnaire.

Thank you for your assistance.
What is your main purpose in taking this trip? (Please check only one answer)
Which of the following phrases best describes the exact nature of this trip? (Fill in all that apply)
Internal company business (visit regional office, plant or attend a company meeting)
External company business (sales call, visit customer or vendor)
Official government/military business
Attend industry meeting/trade show
Attend a convention
Accompany family member on business/convention
Other business (not described above)
Incentive travel (company-paid pleasure trip)
Visit friends/relatives
Visit resort
My trip will (did) include plans to sightsee
My trip will (did) include plans to ski
My trip will (did) include plans to golf/tennis
Personal affairs (moving; to/from school)
Personal emergency (illness, etc.)
Vacation or other personal reason

Did you yourself call to make the arrangements for this flight?
If you were particularly dissatisfied with any of (Company's) procedures at the airport you departed, please indicate which area(s):
Curbside baggage check-in
(Company) ticket counter
Express baggage/Seat check-in counter
Security checkpoint
Red Carpet Room
Boarding gate check-in counter
Aircraft boarding
If you were particulary dissatisfied with any of (Company's) personnel at the airport you just departed, please indicate which personnel.
Ticket counter agent
Express baggage agent
Security checkpoint personnel
Red Carpet Room receptionist
Boarding gate agent(s)
Flight attendant (during boarding)
What could have been done to serve you better?

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