Where would you shop for-Survey Template

Comparative list of retail merchandise items to profile store preference by merchandise category.

Thinking of all the stores in this area where you or your family might shop, in which store would you most likely shop for the following items:
K-Mart JC Penney Sears Target Mervyns Other
Men's underwear
Golf equipment
Men's sweaters
Fishing tackle
Maintenance-free battery for a car
Auto oil filter and/or motor oil
Power lawnmower and other power garden tools
Exterior house and trim paint
Jeans for yourself
Small kitchen appliances
K-Mart JC Penney Sears Target Mervyns Other
Men's golf or sports/casual slacks
Portable color TV costing $200 or less
A digital 35mm camera
Installation of a car exhaust system
Ceiling fans and accessories
Paint for your living room
Small power tools such as a 1/4" power drill
Photo film developing
Hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers
Easy to assemble furniture
Exercise equipment
Bicycles for yourself or your children

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